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Sell with FCPN


Market Knowledge
Being established for over 25 years, we have a have a deep understanding of the local property market, including current trends, property values, and neighbourhood dynamics.

Pricing Expertise
We can accurately assess the market value of a property, considering factors like location, amenities, and current market conditions.

Marketing Strategies

We employ effective marketing strategies to showcase properties, utilising various channels such as Zoopla, On The Market, Social media (Instagram/Facebook), Google Ads and benefit from traditional high street shop front advertising.

Network of Buyers

Through our network, we have access to a pool of potential buyers, helping to expedite the selling process.

Negotiation Skills

We are skilled negotiators, working to secure the best possible deal for our clients.

Legal Knowledge:

We are well-versed in property laws and regulations, ensuring that the sales process complies with legal requirements and mitigating potential issues.


Time Management:

We manage the entire selling process, saving you time and effort by handling tasks such as property viewings, paperwork, and negotiations.

Problem Resolution

In case of challenges or complications during the selling process, we can draw on our experience to find practical solutions and keep the transaction on track.

Ancient Architecture
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At FCPN, our commitment to property extends beyond the residential sphere, as we seamlessly integrate into the dynamic world of commercial real estate. Our expertise spans a diverse range of commercial properties, from retail shops to expansive warehouses and prime land parcels.

Whether you're a seasoned commercial property investor or exploring opportunities for the first time, FCPN is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of the local commercial real estate market.

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