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Why choose First Choice Property Net?

Tenant Quality Assurance

Our rigorous tenant screening process ensures reliable, responsible occupants.


We conduct thorough background checks, credit assessments, and reference verifications to protect your investment.


We leverage our in-depth knowledge, spanning across 20+ years, of the local real estate market, regulations, and trends to provide our landlords with expert advice and insights.

Maximising Rental Income

We utilise our expertise to set competitive rental rates that balance market trends with the landlord's income goals.


We effectively promote our properties through various channels such as Zoopla and OnTheMarket, along with our High Street shopfront and growing web presence to maximise visibility and attract quality tenants, quickly.  

Compliance & Risk Management

Stay worry-free about legal compliance. We keep you informed about the latest regulations, minimizing risks associated with property ownership and tenancy.

Our Packages & Fees

By offering two straightforward packages, we want our landlords to be able to easily understand their options without being overwhelmed by choices.

Seperately, we recognize that every landlord is unique.


Choose from our simplified packages or customise services to fit your specific needs, whether it's full property management or specific tasks.


  • Gather detailed property information and create a comprehensive presentation for effective promotion.

  • Offer advice on legal aspects, tax implications, tenancy types, rent expectations, and property preparation.

  • Provide marketing through online portals such as Zoopla, OnTheMarket and through our High Street Shopfront and growing webpage.

  • Negotiate and finalize letting terms 

  • Conduct reference checks on applicants, perform status inquiries and report findings.

  • Prepare Tenancy Agreement and legal documents adhering to regulations and owner's instructions.

  • Handle tenant deposit against damages (minimum one month's rent).

  • Create and agree on an Inventory or Statement of Condition before tenant occupancy.

  • Coordinate utility transfer.

Two weeks of agreed rent 

Full Management

All of the elements from our Introduction Package along with -

  • Arrange accompanied viewings where property is unoccupied

  • Arrange for gas and electric safety checks where required and arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

  • Arrange property license if required in line with new legislation at Landlord's Cost.

  • Accept and hold a Tenant’s deposit against dilapidations (minimum of one month’s rent) held and protected under a recognised Government Approved Deposit Protection Scheme (i.e., DPS etc).

  • Collect rents and account to you monthly (usually within 7 days after the due date) subject to receipt.

  • Receive reports from tenants regarding maintenance and repairs and instruct tradesmen to affect such maintenance

  • Periodic Inspections of the property

  • Dilapidation report at the end of a tenancy

  • Seek new tenants where applicable to ensure continuity of occupancy

10% Monthly Management Fee

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